Dominguez Skeletal Research Lab

Welcome to the Skeletal Research Lab!

We study skeletal biology, from the microscopic to the gross morphological.  

Bone is a dynamic, living tissue that serves several functions, and studying bone’s microstructure and components is a vital part of understanding what’s happening in the skeleton as a whole.  

The Lab

Established at Lehman College located in the Bronx, the Skeletal Research Laboratory is equipped for whole bone osteological analysis, undecalcified histological slide preparation, and high-resolution light microscope imaging. 

The People

Operated by faculty in the Anthropology Department, the lab welcomes students and researchers at all levels, from undergraduate through post-graduate, interested in learning more about skeletal biology.

The Projects

Focusing on examining bone on a variety of hierarchical levels, particularly in modern humans, our research encompasses a broad variety of approaches and methods to improve our general understanding of the skeleton.

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